DC Comics has announced a great new six issue miniseries following Superman, with Issue #1 going on sale May 30, 2018.  To gain a first look at the upcoming THE MAN OF STEEL series, check out Action Comics #1000.  The final story in this collection “THE TRUTH” gives us the first look at a new villain and it has Superman on the ropes.  Each weekly issue will follow this story to the end when Superman must once again save himself, and in turn save the day.  To check out some pre-series info visit the DC web site here and get more information on this exciting new miniseries.

If you are new to Superman and you are looking for a good entry point, try checking out this miniseries.  What is great about these, is you can follow the complete story within a few issues.  Unlike other well established and long running Comic lines, a miniseries is intended to give a quick view into the world of the main character.  If you decide to check it out, let us know how you liked it.

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