Batman The Killing Joke

One of the best features of DC Comics is the great roster of Villains; and at the top of that list reigns The Joker.  This character has been expertly portrayed in film and Comics yet Batman The Killing Joke, may just be the best.  Written by Alan Moore, we highly recommend you check out the Delux Edition.  This includes some fantastic coloring, and additional information from contributors to the Delux Edition such as Tim Burton, & Tim Sale.

The story basically revolves around the idea that anyone can have a bad day, and it can change their life drastically.  In an instant tragedy happens and how we handle that adversity makes us the person we are.  In the instance of The Joker, it went real bad, and he went real crazy.  If you like The Joker, this read is a must!  Check it out and let us know your thoughts on Batman The Killing Joke.


The story begins with a conversation between Batman and the Joker with them realizing this history between them is leading to the inevitable end that one of them will kill the other.  The story quickly moves into the Jokers pre-Joker life where he is a failing comedian, with a pregnant wife to support, then the bad decision happens and his life changes forever.  To keep from revealing to much, in the end we have the Joker truely pushing Batman to the brink of his ability to control himself, and we are left with the real potential Batman may just do the one thing he is never supposed to do.

What makes this story so compelling is you get a real look at a Joker who pulls no stops.  He is as brutal, and truely evil as any version of The Joker you will ever see; and it is the version that every Joker fan has in their mind but never gets to see performed in the movies.  The closest version we have seen is Heath Ledger performance in The Dark Knight.

The Killing Joke ultimately comes to the conclusion where Batman and The Joker face off.  Right before the end we see a moment where both individuals seem to truely acknowledge that behind everything they fight with each other on, in some strange twist of fate they are much more alike, than different.  The Joker presents Batman with a joke, and it is an incredible moment.  Unlike all the other versions of this it is not a silly Joker style moment, but a brief inner reflection by the Joker to Batman where he is truely exposing himself.  It really feels as he is self reflecting everything that was taken from him in the instance of one bad day, where in the end he emerged as The Joker.  Batman seems to take a brief moment as well to step outside his persona and actually acknowledge this brief moment of realism by the Joker.

Batman The Killing Joke really is a great read but due to the dark story line this is not a Comic for kids.  It is intended for Adults and DC produced an incredible story line with this Comic every Joker fan needs to add to your collection.

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