Superman American Alien #1 – The Miniseries Begins

Superman American Alien is a seven part miniseries written by Max Landis, that takes us into a Superman world we do not normally associate with the Man of Steel.  American Alien considers a world where Clark Kent is much more open about his powers to those around him, so the Superman persona is handled much different in this miniseries.  The story in issue #1 begins with a telling of a young Clark Kent who is dealing with his new emerging powers.  What is so likeable about this issue is you have a young Clark and Lana awkwardly around each other, Clark and his father awkwardly working together to gain control of his powers, thrown in a couple awkward family moments with the Kent family and you have a believable story.

Check out the preview below and pick up a copy of Issue #1.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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