Superman American Alien #2 – Clark loses control, but learns he is bulletproof

Superman American Alien is a seven part miniseries written by Max Landis, that takes us into a Superman world we do not normally associate with the Man of Steel. 

In Issue #2 we jump right into a high school Clark and Lana flirting with each other while studying together.  We also get a view into just how different this American Alien story line is as Clark is running around with his friends Pete and Kenny who know he is an Alien.  Right into the start of the story it takes a drastic turn as a hostage situation occurs and Clark decides to use his abilities to remedy the situation.

Without getting into many details, what is compelling about this story is you see a version of Clark that really is not yet in control of what he is capable of doing.  While trying to end the situation with a gunman, during the initial exchange Clark is unable to stop himself from using his heat vision to fry the guys arms off.  Then when things seem to really be going South for Clark with his efforts to end the hostage situation, out of nowhere he is rescued by his friend Pete who actually takes out the last person and saves the hostage.  Clark is clearly unable to process what he just did and in turn almost causes the death of the hostage.

This issue is such a great story because you can really get a sense that more people know about Clark than you realize, and they are all trying to protect him.  In true Superman fashion Clark is surrounded by a community who do not want to see anything bad happen to him.  Clark also has to self reflect about what happened to him and it appears to begin a realization for himself that he never wants to hurt anyone like that again.  It is clear the pieces that would make Clark into Superman are formulating, it is just the journey is clearly enormously frightening for the Kent family.

Check out Issue #2 and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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