Tips to get started reading Comic Books

Let’s face it, if you are new to Comic Books, we here at 812Review understand your pain.  The world of Comics is a vast array of platforms, story lines, characters, and the more you learn the more you get confused.  Here are a couple tips to help you begin this new journey into the medium of Comic books and Graphic Novels.

Tip #1: Find a local Comic Book Store.  We are not talking about the big brand stores that has a shelve of comics, find a local Comic shop to visit.  The staff in these businesses not only know their product, they understand this vast universe.  Go and meet them, share some of your interests with them, and I guarantee you they can point you into the right direction.

Tip #2: Comic Book | Graphic Novel | are terms you will want to understand.  A comic Book is just as you may think, it is a singular Comic.  These are usually created into several Issues (or a number series) that when placed together create a story arch.  There is no rule of thumb here as the writers take their own liberties to figure out how many Issues it will take to complete a story.  We like to think of each Comic Book as a chapter of a story, such as chapters in a book.  When these are all put together you have a Graphic Novel.  These are simply several Comic Books issues laced together into one book.  What is really great about the Comic Book issues is they can continue for hundreds of issues and provide great reading on characters you enjoy, where a Graphic Novel is a fantastic method to gather all the various issues into one solid reading experience.

Tip #3: Miniseries | Maxiseries | are all terms you will want to understand.  At times the various Comic Book companies will create a Miniseries, as these consist of a short number of Comic Book Issues usually around 12 or less.  As an example DC is starting a new Superman Miniseries “Man of Steel” to begin on May 30th that will produce six issues.  A Maxiseries is typically a longer run of 13 or more issues.  The main takeaway is in both instances, you get a start to finish story line with-in these pre-determined number of issues.  

Tip #4: Pick a character and start there.  Perhaps you seen a recent movie, or read an article on a particular character that you liked.  Try starting with researching the material on that character.  The best way to learn about this world is to immerse yourself into it.  The best way to do that is with a storyline you will enjoy.  Having a favorite is not a bad thing, and we all have one.  With the rich history Comic Books have, there will be lots of material for you to read up on, and during that journey you will be introduced to many other new characters along the way.

Tip #5: Don’t get hung up on DC vs Marvel.  If you are new to Comic Books I am sure you are still already aware of the idea that DC comics has a grip of characters, as well as Marvel has a grip of characters everyone knows about.  Sometimes a Comic nerd battle can erupt into an all out war on who is best, and why you should focus on one over the other.  How about you don’t plan to focus on either one more than the other, just start with enjoying anything that grabs your interest.  There are more companies in the Comic Book world than just DC and Marvel.  All the various companies produce great material with-in and outside the super hero marketplace.  Given time you will discover what you are interested in.

Tip #6: Experience both print and digital options.  At times there is nothing better than the experience of going to the local comic Book shop, picking out a great read, and holding that in your hands.  There is also this great moment when you binge read a Graphic Novel on your couch using your Kindle, all the while never having to get out and drive to the Comic Book store, picking out a Comic, and driving back home to read said Comic.  The point here is you never know what you prefer unless you allow yourself both experiences.  The acceptance of digital comics has been slow going in the industry, but that tide is changing.  Companies are considering their design to better work with digital, and you get pristine coloring every time.  With digital Comics there is no fading over time.

So, if you are new to Comic Books and you are looking for a place to begin allow us at 812review to help.  Taking our own advice, we would like to site a great article by Ashley V. Robinson at DC Comics.  in her article First Flight: Five Superman Comics for New Readers she is doing just as we have suggested.  In picking a character we have Superman.  Perhaps you already enjoy the Superman films, if so take a dive into the history and alternative storylines as suggested in this article.  The following Comic Books are recommended for your review.

812review will also be reviewing each of these as they are a great read and will provide a good starting point to you as a new reader.  Here are some other DC related Graphic Novels you can checkout as well:

DC Essential Graphic Novels 2018


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