Superman American Alien #3 – Clark wins a trip to the Caribbean

Our story starts with Clark winning a trip to the Caribbean.  As he is flying in on a small commuter plane, there suddenly is trouble and he crashes to the ocean.  Then out of nowhere a yacht arrives saving Clark and the planes pilot.  It turns out the boat is owned by Bruce Wayne and as Clark is being saved all the guests think the entire episode is just a stunt by Bruce, and that Clark is Bruce Wayne.  Everyone is at the party to celebrate Bruce Wayne birthday.

Clark decides to continue the act and party with the guests.  Soon into the adventure Clark meets a girl he becomes very fond of, and we get a glimpse into the mind of Clark Kent.  When the boat docs at the next port, we find Clark leaving without even saying good bye, but is caught leaving and confronted by Barbara Minerva (his love interest during the cruise).  When she refuses to follow Clark on his adventure he just leaves.  She is clearly surprised by his reaction but that is the end of it.  A great crossover to this part of the story is Clark being Superman while Minerva is actually Cheetah.  Knowing this actually makes the commentary between these two more interesting.  When the two first meet, Barbara knows he is not Bruce Wayne, and together the two keep the secrete as the party continues.  It is very apparent both like each other, yet in the end they go their separate ways really showing the true nature of how each of these characters feel.  On one hand you have Clark who ultimately gets caught up into a world he cannot make sense of, while Barbara seems to be very comfortable in this world.  When it is all over you get the understanding both of them realize as much as they care for one another, together they are doomed if the take it any further.

What made this issue fun for us is the very thing that makes this entire series great.  You are waiting on every panel for Clark to just end the trip, get away from this party, and head home.  Instead you get a believable reaction of a 21 year old stuck in this situation.  He partied to much, revealing a little to much information, falls for a girl, then in the end gets overwhelmed and exits.  There is also a great exchange between Clark and some familiar characters, but we will leave that to your discovery while reading the issue.

If you are just jumping into this review without first reading Superman American Alien #1 or Superman American Alien #2 please check out our linked reviews, and comment below your thoughts on this issue.


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