Superman American Alien #4 – Meeting your Nemesis

I guess it is true if you are Superman, just as it is for the rest of us, getting to work can be a challenge.  Clark is making his way to meet Louis Lane when he is interrupted by Oliver Queen, who whisks him away onto a private flight to meet someone (Check out Issue #3 as to why this is so embarrassing for Clark).  Right away, the two have a intimate conversation where you start to learn Oliver is seriously re-considering his lifestyle, and Clark comes clean about the adventure they previous shared on Bruce Wayne Yacht.  The commentary really makes an easy leap over to Oliver has turned into the Green Arrow, but it is still a secrete; certainly Superman does not know about it yet.  We at 812review even make a connection that Clark may have had a real influence onto Oliver during their time together, far more than the previous Issue alluded too.  The conclusion of their meeting has them landing on Lex Luthor tower where Ollie sets up an impromptu interview between Lex and Clark.

This Issue has a lot to unpack, so you may find yourself reading it more than once, this interview in particular.  The interview between Lex and Clark is a clear showing that Clark immediately understands the demented mind of Luthor.  One of the funniest moments is when they conclude, Lex shows Clark off the elevator and says “I think this is your floor”; turns out it is the nursery.  Clearly a message to Clark he is way out of his league trying to interview Lex Luthor.  As Clark is leaving he runs into Dick Grayson, and another great exchange happens between these two in discussing if Batman is real or not.

Finally, it does not take Clark long to figure out the secrete of Batman as the Issue concludes with an epic first meeting between these two characters.  This may be the best Batman VS Superman meeting to date, and shows how these two Titans of the DC Universe are much more similar to each other than different.

If you are just jumping into this review without first reading Superman American Alien #1Superman American Alien #2 , or Superman American Alien #3, please check out our linked reviews, and comment below your thoughts on this issue.

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