Action Comics #1000

> Action Comics by DC is one of the best, and now according to Guinness Book of World Records is the longest running Superhero Comic Book series.  The longevity of the series is a testament to many factors.  Some may contribute it to great story scripting, fantastic artwork, or even place the success on the shoulders of the Character of Steel himself.  In all these ideas there is a lot of merit and in their own discussions they certainly play a role in the success of this comic.  For us at 812review, we have another theory; the success of Action comics is directly related to the team at DC Comics itself.  Before we unpack our theory of the Comics success, let’s take a quick look at issue 1000.

The recently released Action Comics 1000 is a tribute to Superman that brings several new mini-stories that covers various art styles and different types of story arcs.  There is some fun by including a story that can trace its origins all the way back to the first Comic, as well as ending the book with a preview of a new story arc by introducing us to the new villain Rogol Zaar.  When reading the comic from cover to cover it can feel a bit unhinged due to the many different stories, and various styles of artwork housed in the book; but to us at 812review this was the entire point.  Action Comics 1000 is a tribute that embraces the Superman of the past, and introduces the Superman of the future.

DC Comics

Eighty years down the road and Comic Book lovers are still enjoying the Action Comics line from DC.  Above all the different Comics that fans enjoy, how is it Action Comics has not only keep it’s fan base, but over the years it has built a new fan base to continue it’s impressive run.  We at 812review feel the proper credit has to ultimately be contributed to DC Comics itself.  To have such a long running and successful comic, there is more going on here than just great artists, or great stories, it’s about a team of artists, and a team of story tellers, and a team in management willing to allow these artists to make this comic great.  We hope they continue to be innovative and continue taking risks, Superman is a beloved character that is sure to be popular for as long time.  Here’s to another successful eighty years for Action Comics!

Let is know what you think about Action Comics, Superman, or Issue #1000 in the comments below.

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