Max Steel

On this #SundayFunDay 812Review pulled up Max Steel, the 2016 movie based on the Mattel property of the same name.  In this movie Max McGrath and his mother move back home to his childhood town, after being away for several years following a tragic accident that took his fathers life.  Max soon begins to experience new powers that he discovers are actually an ability he has to generate powerful energy.  He soon meets Steel, an alien who helps him regulate his new powers and together they form Max Steel.  This is an origin story for the Super Hero, that leads him into facing the architect of his fathers death by the end of the movie.

The movie was released with high expectations, but ultimately did not live up to the hype at the box office.  There is no doubt the movie was attempting to market to the Teen and kids audience.  At moments you may find yourself enjoying the special effects,  so grab the kids, keep an open mind, and enjoy the movie.  When Steel is introduced the film really starts to pickup and shows some potential.  We hope Mattel is able to get a sequel going, perhaps focused a bit more on the Super Hero side such as the cartoon does.  All considered it is a fun family movie worth a watch with the kids.

Have you watched the movie?  Let us know your opinion on Max Steel below in the comments.


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