Superman American Alien #5 – Clark Kent becomes Superman

Issue #5 of this series is an interesting one, as it finally touches a subject we all think about when it comes to super heros, who is trademarking their brand?  The opening conversation between Lois and Clark in this issue, is discussing how Superman needs to jump on his trademark to benefit financially from who he is; this turns out to be a silent underlying theme of the entire issue.

The story continues with Clark handling some adventures apprehending criminals when he is suddenly involved in an issue helping the first responders get control of the situation.  Clark has found some local fame due to his willingness to help and his costume in this comic is great.  A slightly funny part is his cape, it is actually Batman’s, presumably what he took off of Batman in their previous encounter in the previous issue.  We now know why Clark was left holding it at the end of the last issue.

The story moves forward to Superman running into a monster that he must takedown as it has overpowered the local law enforcement; it is Parasite.  When the battle is concluded the defeated Parasite Blaine’s none other than Lex Luthor for his condition.  Superman hand delivers the villain to Lex for one of the most honest, and chilling, dialogues between Lex and Superman.  You really see an arrogant Lex verbally stone washing Superman.  In the end the author ties up the story well between Clark and Louis, preparing the reader for the final installment in the miniseries.

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