TITANS Official Trailer DC Universe – Why the DCEU is set to fail

The DC Extended Universe has brought us some real exciting theatrical releases with Superman: Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and the soon to be release Aquaman. Comic-con brought us the first look at the live action series, Titans, to be released directly to the DC streaming service. Watch the trailer first, and read our review below.

So, I take it you have picked yourself up after this visual gut punch disguised as the Titans trailer.  The exciting news around this is the new streaming service by DC, the disappointing news around this is the direction the DC creative team has taken with Titans.  I can imagine there is a number of DC fans out there who like this gritty version of Robin saying  “F*** Batman,” but where in the world did the DC team think creating a TV-MA rated Teen Titans was a good idea?

This in the end is not much of a stretch when you consider the creative liberties taken with the recent CW shows for Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.  If you have followed these shows you know it is clear the CW and DC have allowed some significant liberties with the writing, pushing some very liberal agendas within the characters of these shows.  For many viewers it may seem as an effort to keep up with the topics of the day but for the characters themselves to be placed in such a universe is telling to how the DC team views their properties moving forward.  In contrast, we see the Marvel universe taking a much different approach.  Shows such as Agents of Shield have stayed away from the DC type of agenda, focusing more on their characters and the plot behind them as Super Hero’s, or just regular hero’s as the case may be.

There is no doubt, the gritter feel of Batman and Superman or Titans perhaps has a place, we at 812review are just not convinced that Teens Titans was the right choice for this.  There are many other options in the DC universe this style show would be perfect for; such as Constantine for example.  For us the jury is still out.  What is your opinion?  Let us know in the comments below.


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