Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story, is the origination story of Han Solo, and how he becomes the intergalactic smuggler we all love.  The movie takes place around a decade before Star Wars Episode IV and in the same vein of the recently produced Rogue One this movie tells a piece of the Star Wars universe to fill in the gaps between the movies. In this case we have a timeline where we see the start of the Rebellion, and learn just how integrated the lives of all our favorite characters are intertwined. If you have not seen the movie we recommend you stop here and check out this film. As we continue there will be some spoilers.

There are a lot of things that work great in this movie, but you may also find some moments that don’t seem to add up. Lots of moments in this film are a call back to the hardcore Star Wars fans, where the casual viewer may not have realized the connection. The main plot line has Han escaping his life of what appears to be slavery to enlist in the Imperial Forces. He manages to eventually join a group of smugglers who bring his journey fill circle into the Rebel Alliance.

A couple fantastic moments in the film come from the meeting of Han and Chewbacca, as well as the card game between Lando and Han. Both moments are riddled with reference to the main Star Wars films and nicely puts a visual to the moments in the Star Wars saga many fans have always wanted to see. The card game between Lando and Hans, watching Chewbacca and Hans form a bond while flying the Millennium Falcon, but there was one scene that stole the entire film for us at 812review; Darth Maul. There is a moment close to the end of the film where the main smugglers reach out to their leader. We discover the connection is to Darth Maul, and in this singular moment we have a glimpse of what timeline we are in, and what is driving everything; THE FORCE! Finally, we see the Dark Side, we see a Sith, and it starts to finally feel like a Star Wars movie. We highly recommend checking out this movie, and just ignore the terrible reviews. If you keep an open mind, the film can be an enjoyable escape into the Star Wars universe.

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