Bumblebee (2018) Official Trailer

It looks like the Transformer movie everyone has been waiting for may finally be here. Bumblebee is set to release this December and the trailer has all kinds of goodies for us hardcore Transformer fans. You guys know what we at 812review are talking about right? Let’s just say, if your Bumblebee toy was not made out of actual metal, and took you five minutes to transform, then I guess you don’t know what we are talking about. For Those of us who do, we can not wait until December. Our favorite part about the trailer is the tease of the great G1 Transformers, including Soundwave; Yes THE REAL SOUNDWAVE


As with many Transformers fans, we hope this movie proves to be a great reboot for the franchise that stays closer to the original G1 style many of us love.  If they can just add in Megatron transforming into a hand gun for Starcream, or Omega Supreme, one can dream!

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