VENOM Movie 2018

Venom has been breaking box office records in recent weeks, with a low Rotten Tomatoes score of 30%, looks like Marvel once again gets the last laugh.  In tackling the symbiote story Marvel boldly chose to give Venom it’s own movie without the backup of Spiderman or other Marvel characters.  Apparently this is paying off, at the writing of this Venom has earned over 500 Million in US sales alone; and it is just finishing up it’s theater run.

The movies opens with presenting the backstory of Eddie Brock as a journalist who crosses paths with Carlton Drake whos company has discovered various symbiotes.  There is an accident while conducting some experiments in space with them, and as you could figure out we have two symbiotes on the loose, Venom and Riot.  Eddie finds himself investigating the company of Drake and after a incident Eddie gets bonded to Venom while later in the film we find out Carlton has bonded with Riot.  The main plot of the movie is establishing the connection between Eddie and Venom who are working together to save the planet from an invasion of Symbiotes.

We at 812review found this film to be much better than expected, and if you are a fan of Venom and the potential for some great future Venom movies, check this film out!  The action is great, and the special effects are spectacular.  The performance of Tom Hardy really brings the character of Venom new life and overall the film works well as a stand alone break from the Marvel universe of interconnected movies.

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