Teen Titans Go to The Movies #TEENTITANSGOMOVIE

If you are looking for a fun family movie, we highly recommend Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.  This is based on the popular Teen Titans show airing on the Cartoon Network and just release on DVD and download on various streaming services.  There are a few different iterations of the Teen Titans superhero team, and this style is certainly intended to be campy, funny, and not take itself very serious; and that is why we love it!  This film is guaranteed to have your kids rolling at some of the jokes in the film, and as a parent you will find some great funny moments too.  Some of the best parts of the movie are the Marvel jokes on Deadpool and Stan Lee making an appearance.  In fact we at 812review would love to see DC go ahead and give Stan Lee a cameo in all their movies.  Another fun point of the film was finding out Nicolas Cage got to voice the Superman character.  You may not know this but he has always wanted to have the opportunity to actually play the character of Superman in a film, but it just never panned out.  So, getting to hear him voice the Man of Steel was a great easter egg (also make sure you watch the credits too for more).  Check out the film and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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