Godzilla 3 The Planet Eater: King Ghidora and Godzilla Finish Trilogy

The Godzilla trilogy was wrapped up by the recent release of Godzilla 3 The Planet Eater.  Starting with a theatrical release in Japan, American audiences just found this movie released on Netflix.  This is the third movie being preceded by Godzilla: Planet of Monsters, and Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, released by Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures.

It is fair to warn this will include some mild spoilers, so we recommend you view the movie first before reading this article.  Here is the Trailer for the movie:

This film picks up where the previous movie ended, as Godzilla is resting, the population of those remaining are split between those on the ship and those stranded on Earth.  In the time after the melt down of Mechagodzilla City the Bilusaludo, Humans, and Exif are all in chaos fighting over what to do about the failed mission in the previous film to defeat Godzilla.  During the mist of this descension the Exif proceed with their master plan to bring forth their God to cleans them of Godzilla; or so that is what everyone who is following them believe.  As the movie continues we finally get to the conclusion of the Exif plan to bring forth King Ghidorah “SPOILER ALERT” once this happens everyone quickly figures out it will not only destroy Godzilla but it is going to destroy everything!  Lot’s, and Lot’s, and Lot’s more dialogue then we finally get the moment we have been waiting for after Three films: Godzilla and King Ghidorah do battle.  While Godzilla strives to survive against this overwhelming opponent, in the end it is the Humans who ultimately come to his rescue and help turn the tide of the confrontation.  In the end, what does every Godzilla film teach us, Humans have always had a soft spot for the King of the Monsters.  The film concludes with a nice wrap up to the story line in making sure Earth is safe from any return of Ghidorah, but is it really safe?  If not, Godzilla will be here to protect the planet if anything tries to encroach on his territory.

This film has a very detailed story line that at times may be difficult to follow.  Our review of the film is skipping some of these plot lines as to not spoil everything about the film when you view it.  The main takeaway for us at 812review is the idea that people can be easily fooled by great leaders who appear to have answers, when those leaders truly have no answers at all.  They simply have a unique opportunity that can be distorted and manipulated into leadership and it is a guarantee Humans will blindly follow.  This blind devotion ultimately leads Humanity into it’s distruction, and this cannot be changed as the Universe has decided that everything will end and it simply a matter time.   It would have been interesting to see how a possible forth film could have fit into this plot line these films created.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the film, and if you enjoyed watching The Planet Eater.  Ultimately we do recommend the film, but it is best if you binge watch all three back to back.  At times you may find the dialogue and sequences to lag a bit, but ultimately you will be rewarded in the end of each film with some great animation and action sequences.


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