Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is currently making it’s run in US cinema.  812review recently checked out the latest entry into the Spider-Man series of movies; and came away finding this to be the best animated movie of 2018.  Into the Spider-Verse has many likeable qualities for the Spider-Man aficionado and family alike.  Here are some of our favorite moments in the movie, so if you have not watched the film please be warned there may be some  spoilers ahead.

Visually, the film is incredibly well done.  The animation team did an amazing job combining multiple, different animation types into the same film.  Following the latest Marvel movies, the script is also well written for an animated film, the writers put in plenty of funny Spider-Man references and some jokes the parents will enjoy.  Overall it is a daring effort by the studio as the film does not shy away from the complicated themes of death, and divorce.  It was clear this is not a film only intended for kids, it really has compelling moments that rival any regular super hero movie, but somehow presents it in a way that is not overwhelming so it works well within the movie.  The largest observation while in the theater watching the movie, was noticing the teens would be laughing at times the adults did not (especially at some of the various high school scenes).  You could see the presentation of Miles Morales was spot on, and the writers nailed it!  Here is some of our favorite moments of the movie, let’s us know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. There is a scene where Miles purchases a Spider-Man costume from a local store, and the cashier is none other than Stan Lee.  What a wonderful surprise to hear him tell miles that he would grow into the costume.  Everyone knows how much Stan loved the Spider-Man character.  It was a bitter sweet scene that we loved and was a highlight of the movie.

2. This one may seem obvious, but the scene when Miles takes on the Spider-Man mantle.  It is a well written story arc of the movie.  During the entire film you know it is going to happen, you kinda dread it cause you know it is going to happen, but it is so well done it just works.

3. The revel of Uncle Aaron was another important story arc that was just very well written and performed.  This works well cause it just plays out, there is no big super hero moment that saves Miles.  For character development you have to introduce the tragedy and the film handles this superbly.

4. The Wilson Fisk backstory was a nice tie-in for the plot.  Fisk is a complicated villain, so we enjoyed the human element given to this character.

5. This one may seem a bit campy but the revel of the Spider-Man lair was great.  It had that Batman cave feel to it, plus you see some fun items poking fun of Spider-Man such as the Spider Buggy, Spider Cycle, and various costumes.

It is easy to see why so many movie goers are raving about Into the Spider-Verse.  This was a fantastic introduction to Miles that you can easy see having the lead in a future block buster movie.

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