Review: Reign of the Supermen is Top Shelf work for the DC Animated Universe

Reign of the Supermen is a sequel to the 2018 animated move The Death of Superman.  We find the world now dealing with the loss of it’s greatest hero when they are suddenly introduced to four new Supermen.  There is the Cyborg Superman, the Steel Superman, Superboy, and the Eradicator Superman.  Each of these Supermen bring a different style and take onto the persona of who and what Superman stood for.  If you have not seen the move we caution you to watch the preview and find a copy of the movie before continuing this review.

Right out the gate let’s just establish for everything that DC seems to do wrong in their theatrical universe, they sure seem to do right in the animated universe.  This movie is overall even better than the first of the series.  There are many moments to enjoy in both movies, but in Reign of the Supermen let’s review a few of the standout moments of the film.

The basic plot of the movie is not difficult to figure out.  In movie #1 Superman dies, in movie #2 new Supermen appear, but as all good things are this is not the end of the story.  Louis is reeling over the loss of her love, Clark.  She is fully aware he is Superman and she is comforted by the Kent’s as all of them are struggling to deal with the news.  In one of the early stand out moments of the film, Louis and Diana (Wonder Woman) meet up to what Diana believes to be some girl time and bonding over the loss of Superman.  This sequence is just great, with Diana reveling she and Superman had a brief fling and Louis had no idea.  The continuity of the character was great even to the end when Diana chooses to get an Ice Cream with Louis.  Wonder Woman loving ice cream is kind of a running story in many of her movies and comic books.

Soon into the film we are introduced to the Supermen as Louis is investigating who they are, to see if any of them may actually be the real Superman.  Louis quickly learns that Superboy is a clone created by Lex, so no shocker with this one.  Yet interestingly enough, this is one of the best story lines in the movie.  The dynamic between Louis, Superboy, and Lex is comedy, and tragedy all tied together.  While the various Supermen are out saving the world, you constantly find Superboy much more a rock star then a hero.  The dynamic of Superboy being a clone who has both Superman and Lex Luther DNA is just well put together.  Lex is such a larger than life villain, who is sometimes an anti-hero, is just fun to watch and a highlight of the movie overall.

As the main plot of the movie is wrapping up Superman finally appears.  Yes, the actual Superman sporting long hair and a slick black Superman outfit.  He unravels the scheme by Darkside to gain control of Earth by using the Cyborg Superman to open a portal for the army of Apokolips.  This finalization to the film did not attempt to rely on the Justice League to ultimately save the day.  Although weakened by his regeneration Superman and Louis find themselves in the typical, bad guy captures Louis and Superman must save her, scenario.  The ending is exciting and helps setup the next set of animated films to come out of the DC Animated Universe; certainly to feature Darkseid himself.

What did you think about the movie?  Did you enjoy to Superman saves the world again ending, or the setup for a Lex Luther and Justice League team up?  Let us know in the comments below.

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