An Interview With GOD

Paul Asher, an up-and-coming journalist, returns home from covering the war in Afghanistan and finds his life is falling apart – his marriage is failing and he’s in the grips of a personal crisis he doesn’t yet understand. Even more pressing, a soldier that Paul befriended in Afghanistan is struggling at home and Paul is desperately trying to help him. But, Paul’s life takes a strange twist when he’s offered an interview that he finds impossible to resist – an interview with someone who claims to be God.

Available on Netflix is the Giving Films release, An Interview With God.  Actor Brenton Thwaites, playing the character Paul Asher, and David Strathairn, playing the role of God, present an almost theatrical style performance in a compelling and engaging way that makes this movie work.  Although you may find a bit of the plot predictable, the largest portion of the film is just these two actors talking, spoiler the movie does have interview in the title.  Even with this challenging format, the two present a well drafted performance that is fun to watch.  

We at 812review thought the movie was a great family friendly watch, so let us know your thoughts below.  

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