DC Comics #Flashpoint Masterpiece

If you follow DC Comics, and The Flash, then you have heard or already ready Flashpoint.  This pivotal comic featuring The Flash is a view into a titan among the Justice League, who many see as just a speedster.  For those who know The Flash, realize there is much more to this character than just speed, for all who are apart of the Flash family uphold the moral compass that helps those around them stay on the proper path, when it would be easy to not do so.  What is so compelling about Flashpoint, is for the first time we see Barry Allen not only choose to do something he knows not to do, but we see his abilities are far greater than anyone ever imagined.

The story begins with Barry at work, exhausted, as he and the team have been working late nights to produce evidence that will help catch a criminal.  When news about a police shootout is discussed, Barry leaps into action.  He soon figures out, he no longer has his speed.  Not only has he lost his abilities, he discovers his mother is alive, he is no longer in a relationship with Iris, and nobody knows about the Justice League; expect for Batman of course.  Barry then makes a journey to the Bat Cave, where he confronts Batman, but it is not the Batman he knows, it is Thomas Wayne, not Bruce Wayne.

Barry soon figures out the world is not as he remembers it, and due to the work of the Reverse Flash, he will need to undo what he has done; after he gets his powers back.  The problem is convincing Batman that he is telling the truth, and then actually re-creating the experiment to regain his powers is not going to be easy.  It does take some convincing, and by this we mean Batman beats the “Holy Batman” out of Barry Allen, then Thomas decides to help him.  They setup a chemical mix attached to a lightning road and use this as a method to restart the speed force in Barry’s cells.  The first attempt goes badly, as in really bad, and Barry has third degree burns all over his body and he did not get his powers.  Yet with a second attempt the voltage is strong enough, and the speed force returns to Barry, helping heal him of the injuries.

Why would Batman help him, as this version of Batman does not exactly play by the rules.  In the end it is not hero reasons to help save the world from a devastating war, but it is simply to save his son Bruce.  While Thomas and Barry are working together, we have Cyborg who is working for the US Government and trying to protect the USA from a war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans.  We find Aqua Man and Wonder Woman leading their respective armies against each other, with the rest of the world caught in the middle.  In a last effort Cyborg attempts to combine as many Hero’s and Villains together that he can to go into the War Zone and put an end to this conflict.  There is no doubt with everyone, that everything has now escalated into a final conflict that is certainly to decide a victor, with everyone else being destroyed in the process.

Recognizing there is no way to save everyone from the war, Batman and The Flash go with Cyborg and his team into the war zone in a last effort to make peace; but as Barry attempts to reason with them it only escalates the conflict more.  All the while Barry is under the impression the Reverse Flash is to blame, and in the battle he finally is greeted by Thawne (The Reverse Flash).  Barry realizes he is actually the one who has created this alternate timeline when he found out Thawne killed his mother, and he went back in time to stop this from happening.  The entire chaos of this timeline is all because of Barry Allen and his desire to save his mother.  This revelation makes it clear to Barry the only resolution to this terrible timeline is for him to go back and correct this mistake, putting the timeline back into order.  As hero work requires, Barry must once again sacrifice to save everyone.

If you have not picked up this story we at 812review highly recommend it.  There is a lot more happening here than we reviewed, as to leave some of the best parts to be discovered on your own.  Some of our favorite moments revolves around Superman and Shazam, then an appearance of a hooded figure that you will find plays a role in the furthering of this story in later comics.  This lady is none other than Pandora and she helps Barry restore the timelines together; or do they?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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