Review: Batman Last Knight On Earth – Book One

Batman: Last Knight On Earth – Book One

  • Writer – Scott Snyder
  • Pencils – Greg Capullo
  • Links – Jonathan Glapion
  • Color – FCO Plascencia
  • Letterer – Tom Napolitano
  • Cover – Greg Capullo with FCO Plascencia
  • Variant Cover – Jock



Batman finds himself in Arkham Asylum as a young man who was never Batman.  As Bruce tries to piece together his life, and what has happened to devastate the world, he sets off on an adventure to find the force behind this destruction.





Batman: The Last Knight On Earth is by far the best suprise of the DC Black Label releases.  For the fans of Snyder previous work will find many call backs in parts of this story, but it also stands alone for those new readers.  The gut punch of this seemingly devastated world is one that simply works.  This is a fun read to dive into a world of DC where seemingly everything has gone wrong, so unpacking this upside down reality will be a fun ride over the next couple issues.


Batman is lead to a site where he finds what appears to be a boy waiting for him, but this turns out to not be a real boy at all, but a trap and like a bad dream, Bruce wakes up in Arkham Asylum.  Alfred comes in to meet Bruce and assure him everyone is there to help him he is placed in solidary confinement, and this just convinces him more that the entire setup is not real.  Alfred comes back to visit with Bruce and seemly has an explanation for everything Bruce knows to make him Batman, such as those working at the asylum teaching him multiple languages, teaching him how to fight.  Yet with all the deception Bruce figures out this is not a proper reality and after a daring escape attempt it is revealed to him ToyMan has done something to destroy most of the city and Bruce is now going to find out what, and why this has happened.

As bizarre luck would have it, Batman finds what appears to be a lamp hanging from a pole in the middle of nothing!  Well, in this reality nothing is that simple, as it turns out to be the Jokers head in the lamp, but the Joker is alive.  If Batman takes him with him, the Joker promises to explain what has happened.  So Batman complies and together they travel a two day journey to Coast City.  When they arrive the remanence of the battle are horrifying.  The evidence around him shows destruction and clearly the loss of the Green Lanterns in a battle with Brainiac.  Bruce is ultimately rescued by a ragtag group of Amazons, who Bruce discovers is lead by Diana.

The explanation is revealed the Lex Luther started the end by simply making a plea to everyone to fight back against the Hero’s, and the people chose to take them all down, starting with Superman.  One by one, everyone fell and finally a true evil arose named OMEGA.  In using the anti-life equation he easily took over the East Coast and the world has fallen.  The remaining survivors are on pilgrimage to Hades, but before Diana can convince Bruce to join them he leaves on his own journey to see if it is possible to re-take control of this lost world.

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