Marvel Action: Black Panther #2

Marvel Action: Black Panther #2

  • Writer – Kyle Baker
  • Colors – David Garcia Cruz
  • Art – Juan Samu
  • Letterer – TOM B. LONG



With Wakanda plagued by deadly weather, Black Panther must discover what—or who—is behind the events before more of his people suffer. Luckily, he has his sister, Shuri, and mother, Ramonda, by his side ready to help. All-new action in the Mighty Marvel Manner!


Black Panther is in the middle of helping people who are suffering from storms causing mudslides, and wild fires.  T’Challa and Shuri are both busy, with Shuri working on a cure for the Malaria outbreak currently plaguing Wakanda.  As the two of them team up and start their journey to a part of Wakanda needing the vaccine to the Malaria crisis, their plane is taken down by an unexpected storm.  While they deal with this, their mother, the Queen of Wakanda has uncovered a mystery of her own.  It appears that each major storm coincides with a growth in vibranium production.  Clearly these increased weather patterns, are somehow associated with this financial trend.

This is definately worth the read, and we at 812review will be looking forward to the next issue.  There is several synical story boards showing real personaity beind the characters that all readers will enjoy.  This series may just be getting started, but it looks to be heading the right direction.



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