Review: Gamera the Brave (2006)

In Gamera the brave is an example of why so many Godzilla fans love the monster turtle, Gamera.  Starting in 1973 Gamera gives his life to destroy a monster named Gyaos.  An egg is left behind that is later found by a young boy named Toru.  He fosters this egg and it eventually hatches a small Gamera.  Whats great about this part of the film is seeing a tiny Gamera fly around, and in small stages grow larger as Toru and his friends attempt to keep their pet turtle a secrete.  It is not much longer everything changes for them as a new threat named Zedus arrives and a now fully grown Gamera must face it and save the community he protects.

This movie is a fun view into a monster film that many only experience through the lens of Godzilla.  If you are looking to expand your monster verse knowledge, and want a fun monster movie then check this one out.  We at 812review did enjoy the movie but do warn the casual viewer.  Don’t expect anything other than a campy monster flick and you won’t be disappointed.

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