Review: I Am Mother

I am Mother is a sci-fi film following the life of a young teenage girl who was born and raised by a robot names Mother.  Over her life she is educated, cared for, and watched over by this robot who explains to her she is to help raise many brothers and sisters once they are able to return outside.  This film feels like taking Terminator and The Matrix in a blender and setting it on high for about two hours.  In this example we are lead to believe man kind destroyed everything and thank goodness we have enough foresight to create Mother.  Now we will be saved, or so it is thought until a visitor arrives and proves that people are living on the outside.  This sets events in motion leading to the girl, we come to know as daughter, escaping.  Once in the real world she comes to understand the other humans don’t exist and finds he way back to the original sanctuary to help raise more humans.  The twist his you at the end when you realize, in actuality the machines did win, and these events are all happening due to Mother (a highly intelligent AI) taking control of everything and wiping out humanity so it can be restarted.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the film.  Although it has some good story telling, the majority of the movie seemed to drag a bit so even with the great special effects, and fantastic acting, it was difficult to follow in the mid parts of the film.  Do you disagree?  Let us know below.

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