Review: Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Detective Pikachu follows the story of Tim Goodman, who is pulled into a search for his missing father and aided by a Pikachu who was his fathers Pokémon partner.  Going into this movie you have to accept the fact this is Pokémon, so you are going to get a lot of CGI Pokémon characters in the movie.  For some movie goers this was not as exciting as to the core fans of the game, and animation; but to those who care WOW!  Overall the CGI is stellar, and for practically every Pokémon in the movie, the film nails them.  The plot of the movie accumulates into the obvious, but honestly that is half the fun of Pokémon; nobody who understands Pokémon was expecting Oscar winning plot lines.  The most important character to get right was Pikachu and for us at 812review it was done very well.  If you did not check out this movie in the theaters, defiantly plan to rent this once it is available.

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