Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The biggest movie in the world right now is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.  The last installment of the new trilogy has pulled out all the stops with fan service, storytelling, and creating visual effects that rival any of the previous movies. This movie picks up the training of Rey who is truly now the last Jedi; and the First Order who finds itself under the grip of the Sith lord Palpatine.

One of the interesting points in this movie is tackling the Sith world of Exegol. The Sith in general are not new, and have been around from day one, but the dark depiction with-in this film really dives you into just how dark the Dark Side of the force is. During the first half of the movie we are pulled into the tug of war between Rey and Kylo Ren, and early on it starts to become clear; these two are about to switch roles. Kylo completes his journey to move away from the Dark Side, while Rey slowly embraces it. As fans of the Star Wars cannon, it was appreciated to see the Dark Side in all it’s glory, really displaying how power the Sith are, and how powerful their Rule of Two makes them.

As with all great stories, if you sprinkle in some tragedy, put everything on the line, you will generally come away with an epic movie; Rise of Skywalker definitely does this. This is not to say there are not some parts we simply could have done without. As an example, Rey and Force Ghost Luke have a conversation that seemed a bit “forced”, but not unexpected that Luke would appear somewhere in the film. The high stakes of the film being the most obvious of problems for the Rebels, this being the massive powerful fleet given to the First Order by the Sith. Thankfully Rey and Kylo team up to save the day, and even with this costing Kylo his life, their teamwork allows for Rey to strike down Palpatine and ultimately restore balance in the force.

This does leave the most daunting question; if balance is restored who is now in control of the Dark Side of the force. The end of the film leaves the impression the balance is restored to the Light Side of the force after the Sith are literally destroyed by Rey and the Rebel force that destroys the planet Exegol and the First Order. Kylo is no longer a player in this balance, so a big hole is remaining as to whom the Dark Side pushes it’s balance to. There are some clues in the movie of new people, such as Finn, shows indications of being force Sensitive. This may be due to the massive shifting happening in the force with such large players being killed and removed from the Force. It would be logical for this to be expressed with-in new people. We are not given an answer to this by the end of the film, so we ask you. What do you believe the ending of the movie reveals about the next power play for the Dark Side? What would you like to see next in the Star Wars universe? Leave your comments below.


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